Printing on vellum – a semi-translucent paper that has a frosted finish – in metallic foils or soft watercolors create a memorable invitation suite. Not ready for a completely transparent invitation? Use vellum as a wrap around or overlay to add intrigue.

Add sophistication to your wedding ensemble with deckled edges – torn or weathered edges – and hand-written calligraphy.

Shiny is the new black. Highlight your names or go bold and use a heavy metallic pattern. Gold not your color? Try bronze, copper, or rose gold too.

Premium techniques like custom letter pressing never leaves the wedding trend world. Choose a heavy cotton and vibrant colors to give your guest a lush, tactile experience.

Simple hand-lettering that takes center stage is on trend for 2021 as couples navigate through revisiting and revising their original wedding plans. Abandoning the multi-insert invitation for a sleek, single sheet helps to keep things nice and tidy.

Dark & moody palette is an ultramodern option for brides to give an elegant, dramatic, & highly unique personality to their invitations. Try navy, burgundy, merlot red, deep purple, navy, forest green accented with grey, black and brown to achieve that special mood.