It’s finally time for couples to tie the knot and document the momentous occasion in the most trendy and “you” way. Discover some of the unique and trendy ways couples are keeping their wedding memories alive in photos and video.


Candid and natural shots are a go-to for a couple. No more over-posed, over-edited, and over-boring photoshoots. Get creative, fun, and inspired by your photography to capture your love and your personalities.


Wedding photography isn’t just for weddings anymore. Engagement photos have always been in, but what about bachelor and bachelorette parties? Rehearsal dinners. Brunches. Honeymoons. Relive every element of your wedding with professional photography along the way.


Having a photographer on hand is great, but what about a stylist to help you look your absolute best on your big day and in your big moments? Spend the money, take the time, and feel like a celebrity from the first step to the last dance.


Sensual photos shoots are usually for the bride only, but not today! Capturing love and connection has become a key piece of relationships that relish their sensuality. Share a photoshoot with some intimacy and a whole lot of rawr!


Film is trending in both photography and videography. Add vintage vibe and romantic feels to your wedding video and/or photos by ditching the digital and going old school with polaroids and film.


No, we’re not talking about paper sheets blowing in the wind. COVID has forced everyone to become more accessible online and that goes for wedding events, too. Livestreaming your wedding events is a great way to include family and friends who can’t travel while keeping everyone safe.