For the Guests

What’s the bachelorette’s birthday?
Who was her first kiss?
Where did the bride-to-be meet the groom?
What’s the bachelorette’s drink of choice?
What’s her middle name?
How many siblings does she have?
Where is the honeymoon?
Who is the bride-to-be’s celebrity crush?
What’s the last TV show she binge watched?
What was the bride-to-be’s first concert?
What’s her biggest pet peeve?
What’s the bachelorette’s shoe size?
What was her high school mascot?
What’s the bachelorette’s dream job?
How did the groom propose?

For the Groom

What would your fiancé say is her most embarrassing moment?
Where was your favorite date?
When was the first time you said “I love you?”
What nicknames do you have for each other?
What is the bachelorette’s worst habit?
What would she say is yours?
How many kids do you want?
Where was your first kiss with the bachelorette?
Who hogs the bed covers?
What is the most memorable present the bride-to-be has given you?
What was your first impression of the bachelorette?
When did you know you wanted to marry the bride-to-be?