You may have had to drop your wedding date a couple times since the pandemic began, but that doesn’t mean these earrings are going out of style. Diamonds, pearls, and other beads are a big wedding jewelry trend for 2021. They are investment pieces that can be colorful, monotone, simple, or elaborate.

2021 has brought an awareness to shoppers about what is and isn’t ethically sourced in the materials they are buying, gifting, and wearing. Knowing where your jewelry comes from is important to today’s brides. Lab-grown jewels are no longer frowned upon and are sustainable. If you’re after that rare gem, be on the lookout for conflict-free mines.

Social distancing is still going strong for many people, so small celebrations are making a big stand. In order to command the attention of on-lookers from afar, eye-catching statement pieces that don’t break the bank are trending.

Weddings aren’t all pastel and paisley anymore. This new trend is playful and exciting. Color, prints, and thinking outside of the box are happening in 2021. Couples are ticking the box for celebrations that make room for more than white this year.

Unlike more attainable trends, platinum can be a heavier expense. Couples are now buying pieces that can be worn daily.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue… in jewelry. No longer is it necessary to hide the blue away on your thigh or in small pieces. Show the blue off in statement pieces of sapphire and silver and diamonds.

We all deserve to feel like the kings and queens we are on our wedding day. Hair accessories are trending in the way of fashionable, embellished combs, barrettes, and bun holders. So, go ahead and rock that tiara on your big day