When it comes to Tuxedos and weddings, you may think, “What is there to know?” Black pants, a jacket, and a white buttondown, right? The truth is, there are as many variations on this classic ensemble as there are men who wear them. Here are some standout tuxedo considerations so your look takes the cake instead of looking like it belongs on top of one.

Consider a tux in a color other than grey, blue, or black. Use the bridal bouquet as inspiration and choose a tux as bold in color as one of the blooms or opt for unexpected but refreshing natural tones like sandy tan, chocolate brown, or even green. Not ready to embrace color from head to toe? Then incorporate that pop of color into your shirt by choosing a bold solid or a patterned print.

It’s your special day, who said you have to match? Literally mix things up by opting for a bold color pant with a neutral jacket, or vice versa. Other ways to surprise your guest would be to do as the bride does and not match your groomsmen. Choose a suit that truly sets you apart.

Whether it’s a sweeping floral or something more subtle like a window pane, wearing a patterned tuxedo on your special day is sure to make you stand out and add a nice contrast to your photographs.

Appliques and beading are no longer just for the wedding gown. Consider tuxedo jackets that accent the lapels, shoulders, or waist with embroidery, beading, or appliques in the same color as the jacket to offer an interesting detail.

The choices are limitless when it comes to the groom looking good on his wedding day, and while looking your best is certainly the goal, you’ll ultimately look best in whatever look gives you the most confidence and comfort.