When it comes to ring shopping, the engagement ring steals the show, acting as a dazzling spokesperson for a couple’s collective style, commitment, and love. Knowing how much this token represents and how long it will be worn, couples often feel overwhelmed knowing where to start. Luckily, designs today are as varied and unique as the couples who share them. Here are a few top trends to get you started:

Vintage silhouettes never go out of style thanks to their tailored and flattering shapes, and the same is true for rings too! Look for cathedral settings or cushion-cut engagement rings for styles that are both unique and timeless.

For modern couples happy to celebrate individuality and differences, asymmetrical designs say you’re ready to embrace challenges and think outside the box.

Nothing takes our breath away like a classic solitaire setting, except when it takes on a subtle and fresh perspective. Look for eastto-west settings with emerald, marquise, radiant, and pear-cut diamonds placed sideways for a new spin on a traditional look.

Colorful center stones or accents bring an air of sophistication and creativity to any of the styles mentioned above and are a wonderful way to personalize your ring to better tell your love story.

While trends are a fun way to get started, remember there are no “rules” when it comes to ring shopping, just as there aren’t to falling in love. Remove the pressure to find “the right one,” and instead, look for a ring that celebrates the right one you’re going to share a life with.

– Amanda Nail –