In recent years, weddings everywhere were postponed, privatized, and pared down in efforts to center health and safety during the pandemic. As restrictions were lifted, people’s spirits and expectations for celebrations raised too. Enter the maximalist wedding scene, a trend that celebrates a couple’s unique individuality through the playful joy of excess. In Maximalism, “more is more,” for a wedding that just means more ways to emphasize and celebrate the magnitude of love, commitment, and family. Imagining an event like this is easy, the answer is always “yes” and “more,” but when the options are limitless, it can be hard to know where to start.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Maximalist Wedding:

Guests & Attire: Provide your guests with a daring dress code. In this way, guests become ornamentation adding to the vibe and theme of the event. Provide them with photo references through a sharable wedding website, so they know exactly how to contribute to your one-of-a-kind day.

The Venue: Look for venues that have preexisting decor, such as bold architecture, wallpaper patterns, and grand interior design, as well as a mix of set-up options. Locations with indoor and outdoor accommodations provide guests with multiple areas to experience and move through. Consider incorporating some kind of awe-inspiring wedding entertainment: a full band, dancers, jugglers, a choir, or other types of performers to add to the grandiosity.

The Ceremony: Break the mold of tradition with an awe-inspiring entrance, mix and match bold colors, textures, and patterns in your own wedding attire, and don’t worry about florals being too matchy-matchy.

A maximalist wedding is a celebration of all the good things in life we get to enjoy, so have fun! Let your imaginations run wild! If there is anything worth celebrating in a big way, it’s love.

– Amanda Nail –