Wanting to get that sun-kissed glow for your wedding day, but not wanting to risk damage to your skin by spending time in the sun? Spray tanning may be your solution! You may not have had the greatest experience with sunless/spay tanner’s in the past, but here’s a quick list of do’s and don’ts to get that beautiful bronze the day of.

First- STEP AWAY from the sunless tanner that you’ve picked up at your local drug store. Getting an artificial tan for your wedding day is not best not left in the hands of an amateur. It seems that no matter how carefully you apply and try to distribute sunless tanner there are always spots that you don’t see where you’ve applied too much until it’s too late. Instead, set up an appointment with a spray tan artist or business that knows exactly what they’re doing, even better is setting up a trial spray tan before your big day so that you can make sure you’re getting exactly the look and coloring you’re wanting.

Preparing your skin is an absolute must when getting a spray tan:

  • If you’re planning on getting any additional spa treatments done plan them to be done BEFORE you get your spray tan; this includes getting your nails done, waxing, facials, etc.
  • Exfoliate your body at least 4 hours before your spray tan; this will help remove any dead skin and will be less likely to create blotchy skin areas after the tanning.
  • Come to your appointment squeaky clean, meaning, no lotions or make-up.
  • Be sure to wear dark loose-fitting clothes to your appointment to avoid rubbing or strange lines.

As for don’ts after your appointment, STAY DRY! This means no sweating, showering, swimming, etc. for at least 5 hrs after your spray tan. When you do shower, try to take as cold of a shower as you can handle; warm water will strip the tanner from your body leaving you with streaks. Also, no harsh scrubbing, it’s best to use some gentle soap and your hands to gently wash your body.

Maintaining your glow – moisturize your skin with oil-free lotion twice a day on the 4th day after your tanning appointment. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized, but without overdoing it. Use a lotion or moisturizer that’s gentle on your skin, but still makes your skin feel hydrated and cared for.

Now go forth, and be the bronzed beauty you always dreamed of being on your big day!