You don’t have to be Italian to understand the world’s love affair with pasta. No matter how it is served, pasta is a dish that holds all the qualities we look for in love: it’s reliable and easygoing with a classic charm that’s always satisfying. If you want your wedding reception to put a smile on everyone’s face (and leave your pocketbook smiling, too), here are some great ways to serve up pasta with class and pizazz:

Having tiny cups filled with delicate, short pasta like gnocchi, ditalini, or confetti-like croxetti will be a welcome surprise to guests once their stomachs begin to rumble after the service and continue the festive mood. Serving a single, garnished ravioli, reminiscent of the ring bearer’s pillow, is another way to serve up some whimsy.

There are too many great ways to eat pasta, so a buffet is the way! Provide your guests with various options, from different types of noodles with their choice of sauce and protein to baked pasta dishes like lasagna. Everyone from your eldest guests to the youngest will be continent as guests are guaranteed to get what they want and have the freedom to manage dietary needs without worry.

If you plan to keep guests dancing long after you’re gone, they will need food that gives them energy, and nothing says energy like carbs! Since the formal meal will have ended, treat guests to some naughty late-night nibbles they can grab and go, like fried macaroni balls, skewers of Italian meatballs, or little spaghetti nests.

No matter how or when in your reception you choose to serve it, pasta is guaranteed to be a choice you won’t regret.