No reception is complete without fun, friends, family, and FOOD! Feeling stuck in a rut of wedding food trends you’ve seen a thousand times? Don’t worry, you won’t find a donut wall here!

Whether you’re planning to serve small plates, full course meals, or just desserts we’ve put together a short menu of some different palate-pleasing items for you.

Who doesn’t love cheese? Create a mouthwatering cheese buffet complete with crackers, fruit, bread, vegetables, nuts, and drinks to pair with all of their cheese desires. Your guests can grab a plate, grab a cheese, and get happy.

BBQ & beer isn’t just for the boys anymore. Pass out the fancy bibs and encourage your guests to imbibe in delicious barbecue burgers, hot wings, pulled pork, and ribs. Accompany these staples with a a variety of beers for a backyard feel that is refreshing and comfortable.

We’re giving a pass to the donut wall and welcoming in the pretzel rack! Guests can indulge in a self-serve system of different pretzel twists, knots, and bites. Complete the good vibes with a variety of sauces and toppings to accommodate anyone’s sweet, salty, or savory tooth.

Elevate your BBQ options with grilled kabobs. Skewer together meats and veggies, just meats, just veggies. Serve hot off the grill with a side of slaw and a cool glass of whatever the kids are drinking these days.

Breakfast isn’t just for dinner… or breakfast… anymore. Skip the mini bites and serve up fullsized Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and bacon. Pair your breakfast feast with espresso martinis, mimosas, and Bloody Marys. Want to impress the brunch crowd even more? Add a coffee bar to the mix and get to shakin’ your bodies on the dance floor!

Food trucks are great, but what about dessert trucks? Skip the tables and offer up freshly scooped gelato, freshly glazed doughnuts, cookies, s’mores, and more. Can’t find a truck? A dessert cart will work, too! The sky, with cotton candy clouds, is the limit!

Before planning your menu too thoroughly, be sure to check with your venue about their catering options and policies, as well as verifying with your guests any dietary restrictions. Then, get creative and get