Weddings are monumental moments in people’s lives, but do they have to be so big that couples crush under the weight of preparations and costs? Today, more and more couples are opting for a minimalist wedding that clears away the clutter to make room for what really matters on a day as significant as this one.

Minimalism in a Nutshell

Minimalism is about appreciating and working with what you have as a way to promote contentment and decrease stress in one’s life. The first place I encountered the concept of minimalism was through the author and professional organizer, Mary Kondo. Her principle was simple,

“Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.”

While this method is a great way to tidy up a home, it is also a wonderful guiding principle for those desiring a simple and elegant wedding ceremony.

How to Begin Planning Your Minimalist Wedding:

Start with The Guest List: Make it exclusive. Remember, this day is about you and your partner. It’s ok to put your joy at the center, so only invite guests who fill your cup.

The Attire: When it comes to your suit or gown, focus on the silhouette instead of accessories. Focus on well-crafted, uniquely tailored designs and rich textures amidst a neutral color pallet.

The Venue: Look for unadorned, natural beauty. Appalachia is full of expansive views, sprawling meadows, and other “blank canvas” venues. In a stunning setting, a simple grounded arch and an unplugged ceremony easily make the day about the two of you and your I do’s.

Remember, to legally marry, all that’s required is you, your finance, a marriage license, and an officiant. Everything else is extra! Ditch the fluff, choose joy, and focus on what actually matters to you.

– Amanda Nail –