Even the smallest and most simple of receptions can leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Remembers memories are made through thoughtful details and unique experiences. Here are two ways you can set your wedding reception apart from all the other punch and cake receptions of the past:

  1. Provide a Unique Guest Book– Guest’s books don’t only have to serve as a way to write thank you cards to your guests post-ceremony, they can also provide laughs and memories for you years to come! Consider having friends leave voice recordings of their well-wishes by utilizing a vintage, landline-style phone through a company that specializes in audio guest books. Notify guests ahead of time to bring their favorite family recipe, or provide recipe cards on guests can leave their best creations on or have friends and family draw doodled self-portraits of themselves on a frameable matte.
  2. Provide Unique Experiences– Give guests something to talk about at the reception and for years after by bringing in unexpected entertainment. Consider hiring a painter to do a live painting of the reception space off to the side of the drink table or bar. Instead of a photo booth, opt for a caricature or silhouette artist to capture the likeness of your guests, or hire an improvisational musician who can create songs on the spot unique to your event.
  3. Mix Up the Schedule– Weddings have a very formulaic and expected series of events that can make every wedding feel the same after you’ve been to a few. Try doing things out of the expected order to keep your event unique and memorable! Who says you can’t eat first, ceremony second, and dance party last? It’s your day, do things in an order that feels right to both of you, not just what’s expected.