When it comes to choosing the perfect dress for your perfect day, not every trend promises to make you feel as beautiful as you deserve, especially when it comes to gown shape and silhouette. To make saying “yes” to your dress as easy as saying “yes” to your partner, start by finding a silhouette that makes you feel beautiful in your body, then consider gowns that incorporate some, if not all, of these show-stopping trends any bride can wear with confidence:

Tulle, Tulle, and More Tulle
Tulle has long been a fabric preferred by wedding dress designers for the romantic, ethereal softness it adds to any dress, but this season designers are embracing tulle in big ways, making entire dresses out of the delicate and frothy fabric and pairing it with intricate beadwork and appliques to make dresses that move and feel like living dreams

Appliques All The Way
Appliques are intriguing motifs that have long since been used to add intricacy and delicacy to even the most simple of gowns. This fall and winter, brides are utilizing the art of applique to transform their gowns into glittering bouquets. Expect to see floral appliques incorporated into veils, skirts, and bodices as beautiful reminders that love is always in bloom, no matter the season.

A Bit of Boudoir
Body-hugging silhouettes have always been a way for brides to look effortlessly beautiful, but a bodice inspired by the elegant elements of a lady’s boudoir is sure to leave any bride feeling breathtaking. Details, like lace panels over nude fabrics or exposed boning, not only look impressive but offer practical support and shape to any bride.