The best bridal showers are those that center the bride and celebrate who she is while making lasting memories. Luckily, regardless of your budget, there are plenty of ways to make your bride-to-be feel special before the big day.


• Host a wine tasting with a professional sommelier and theme the wines around the location of the bride and groom’s future honeymoon. The experience will be a delight for the bridal party and useful information to make the couple’s first trip even more special.
• Hire a dance instructor to teach the bride and her guests the moves to their favorite songs and shock the socks off the groomsmen and other guests when you all take the floor at the reception!
• Take a make-up class at a local boutique or hire a private make-up artist to guide the bride and her best girls through the steps necessary to look their absolute best on the big day and every day after.


• Host a craft night at someone’s home with some of the bride’s favorite snacks and drinks. Work together to complete the bride’s DIY wedding projects before the celebration or creat something the bride will be able to use in her future home.
• Have a bride that likes to game? Set up a night of cozy gaming or an evening of board games. Even better, have each guest buy a game the bride can add to her and her partner’s collection, and test play them together for a fun filled evening.

Hosting a bridal shower can be intimidating at first, but you truly can’t go wrong if you focus on what activities and people will bring the bride the most joy and the least stress. And while big affairs can be fun, sometimes less is truly best.