Grooms want to feel seen and celebrated before their big day, and a wild night of drinking may be the long-standing tradition, more and more grooms (and their groomsmen) want to break the mold. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make lasting memories, so here are some great ideas to make your main man feel special before his big day, no matter your budget:

• Have an outdoorsy groom? Send him packing with an overnight trip in the woods. Before you set out, have the guys gather for a class on survival skills with a trained expert. Nothing will bring you together and stay with you longer than mixing practical skills with a party.

Need an evening of adventure without the outdoors? Consider a night of axe throwing or a fly-tying class.

• Is friendly competition something your groom enjoys? Take the gang out for a night of paintball, laser tag, or go-kart racing to make everyone feel like a kid again. Find a course with food and drink, and you’ll have a full party package. Want to keep things closer to home? Opt for an afternoon of disc golf with a mobile bar or take the competition to the screens with a video game tournament set up in someone’s home.

• Not everyone is up for a loud and late night, and that’s alright! For the groom who enjoys being mellow, consider hosting a cookout or catered dinner at a friend’s. Theme the meal around the groom’s favorite dishes or choose meals connected to shared memories and enjoy retelling how everyone met.

No matter what creative idea you come up with to celebrate your groom, the most important ingredients to craft the perfect night are fun, fellowship, and food. As long as you have those, your groom will feel all the love and support he needs before his big day.