If you want your wedding to be unforgettable for your guests, consider throwing a themed wedding! Themes have been encouraged by wedding planners for years as a way to help couples narrow down big choices like color palettes, venues, menus, and more. Traditionally, themes are broad concepts like “beachy,” “boho,” “modern,” or “fairytale,” but more couples are choosing less conventional themes to celebrate their love for one another through a shared hobby or interest, like literature, crafting, sports, or fandoms.
While themed weddings are loads of fun, couples can run the risk of hosting a celebration more akin to a convention than a wedding, so how can couples navigate the balance? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Choose a theme connected to your love story– If that particular place, activity, or interest consistently brings you together, strengthens your bond, and is a core part of your memories, it could be the perfect theme!
  2. Love in the details– a theme doesn’t have to be plastered over every aspect to land, but it also doesn’t have to be limited to only the groom’s cake either. Think about natural ways your theme could weave its way into your celebration. If you’re both hardcore Lord of The Ring fans, consider using iconic Tolkien script within your program, menus, or invitations. Both die-hard sports fans? Let the colors of your favorite team, in muted or deepened tones, serve as the color pallet.
  3. Consider a Vibe– Strive to recreate the feeling your shared activity, place, or interest gives you both. Do you both love the serenity of being outdoors or the hush of a rainy evening in reading books? Opt for a venue that puts guests close to nature, or that has dim lighting and soft fabrics to recreate the vibes you love to share.