Honeymoons are often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so honeymoon planning is serious business. With COVID alive and well through most of the world, travel plans have been stunted for some; for others, it’s an opportunity to get creative.

The nature of the minimoon is cost-effectiveness. It requires less time off from work or other commitments and can be as simple as a close getaway or as elaborate as a trip to Hawaii.

The option to save for a later date honeymoon is on the rise. So is registering for a honeymoon. Couples no longer have just a wedding registry and are willing to wait to go on their dream vacay to celebrate their union.

Researching to ensure you pick the best honeymoon season is a trend that’s more important to couples these days. If this is important to you, be sure to research your honeymoon location before picking your wedding date.

Trending spots for honeymooning in 2021 include Costa Rica, Hawaii, and even Iceland. You don’t have to give up your ideal photo op on a remote island, drink in hand, floppy hat on head to enjoy your honeymoon. Take in the scenery and enjoy!

With the need to continue social distancing very much at the forefront of planning for outings, private bungalows and villas are more on trend than high-end resorts and exotic beaches.

Couples are choosing to spend more time together enjoying their honeymoon than on a plane these days. Opting for something close and quickly accessible is the resounding trend for 2021 honeymoons.