2022-2023 Wedding Inspiration for your upcoming day!

It’s Getting Dark In Here
Weddings at dusk are in popular demand. With the heat index on the rise tying the knot when the sun goes down is also on the rise. Plus, there’s that golden hour to look forward to for photographs.

Trimming the Guest List
Zoom weddings are still a thing, but as we move closer to “normal” couples are opting for keeping the small guest list. With smaller wedding sizes comes more curated weddings that are just as much an experience as an event.

Wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, and receptions have all been about the standard dance floor, DJ, wedding band combo. Today, entertainment is making a bigger statement with custom shows and acts that represent the couple’s personality.

Officially Officiant
Alternative options for wedding ceremonies are making a statement. Not all couples are interested in a church wedding or being married by the justice of the peace. Officiants come in all shapes and sizes and are couples are taking the time to find them.

Skip the Shindig
Eloping isn’t just for the couple anymore. Run off with your closest friends and loved ones for a private wedding that is less showy and more personal.

Keeping it Friendly; Eco-Friendly
Couples are making more sustainable decisions these days. From up-cycled design items, eco-friendly wedding favors, and even clothing rentals – couples are taking care of each other and their environment.